Using this Website


Some useful tips for navigating the Treat First website.

  • Click on the Treat First logo in order to return to the home page.
  • Once you have clicked on a talk you will be able to go to the next slide by clicking the button on the right side labeled “Next Slide.”
  • You can also navigate to the next talk by clicking on the button on the lower right hand side labeled “Next:” (The label will include the name of the next talk)
  • Buttons to go to previous slides or talks will be on the left side and are labeled “Previous Slide” and “Prev:”
  • Many of our slides have audio or video – make sure to look for any play buttons like this:   
  • Keep an eye out for downloadable resources! (These can usually be found in the last slide of a talk)
  • If you loved the talk or have something to add feel free to leave a comment! You will not be able to add an attachment but you can paste a hyperlink.
  • Please keep in mind that your comment may not post right away. We must approve all comments before they are posted to the site.